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Blockstone Capital (“BSC”), based in Minneapolis, MN, focuses primarily on advising investment portfolios of digital currencies and related assets through fund structures designed for investment by US and Non-US individuals and institutional investors. Certain fund strategies may pursue strategic investments in promising early-stage blockchain projects. We also provide services related to over-the-counter (“OTC”) digital asset transactions; primarily related to Bitcoin.

Professional Fund Advisory

BSC offers ease of access to individuals and institutions seeking exposure to a portfolio of digital assets managed by highly active traders and analysts in the crypto-currency and blockchain space. Funds offered by BSC provide exposure to digital assets through a single fund investment, eliminating the hassle of maintaining multiple public and private keys, wallets, and exchange accounts.

Active Asset Management

For firms that have recently completed a successful ICO and hold significant Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) reserves or anyone with significant ETH or BTC holdings, BSC believes a passive hold strategy can pose undue market risk considering the extremely volatile nature of the digital currency markets. Investment of all or a portion of such currency holdings in fund strategies that in turn will trade, invest and/or lend across multiple digital asset classes, and are actively managed by BSC’s dedicated team of experienced professionals, may offer a more attractive risk alternative to those holding significant uninvested ETH or BTC.

Early Stage Blockchain Investing and Advisory

BSC meticulously analyzes and tracks what it views as the most promising technologies built on the blockchain. Its management team has reviewed the investment merits of thousands of projects and performs a consistent due diligence process for screening new ventures. Of the numerous counts of projects we screen, only the select few we deem “best in class” make the cut for inclusion within fund investment portfolios.

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